Turkish heritage Sweden based multiartist, Gülbeden Kulbay, has been working with Performance and Community-Art developing 15 years of experience in both fields. Working internationally with the theme she calls “Humanity”, she is developing body-based performances that takes the viewer to expand into wider perspectives of what it can mean to be human living in a capitalistic society. By leading workshops where she teaches the methods of performance art for young people, she encourages our youth to be aware about the connection between mind, body and soul to sustain sanity, physical intelligence and strength. This life passionate artist has experiences in leading Community-art where the actions take place at indoor public spaces such as libraries as well as at outdoor public spaces like center squares. The action and artwork is always made as a Community-art piece, inspired and shaped from the personal stories that are shared during a longer process through time. The Botkyrka Community Dance and Theatre and Municipality of Botkyrka are two of the recurrent outsourcers that have been working with her.

English “My art is in my body and my meetings with other lives. I use and assume body as materials and tools as an extension of our being on this planet. Intuition is my carrier, meeting my inspiration. The body, the movement and the room my picture.”-Gülbeden Kulbay

Svenska “Min konst ter sig i min kropp och mina möten med andra liv. Jag använder och utgår från kropp som material och verktyg som förlängning av vårt varande på denna planet. Intuitionen är min bärare, möten min inspiration. Kroppen, rörelsen och rummet min bild.– Gülbeden Kulbay



A talk a made at “Arts as a force for social change” organised by Intercult, 2021

Här är en kort film om mitt konstnärsskap/Here is a short film about my artistic work, 2020



8 April

“Allt som jag offrade”/eng. “Everything that I sacrificed”at Intercult, Stockholm

Konstrådet/ Artistic Advisory at SITE, 2022

Om du vill boka ett performance för ett event; kolla in Scenkonstportalen/ If you want to book a performance for your event; check in Scenkonstportalen



16 June
Speaker at Webinar ”Arts as a force for social change” Hours: 15.00-17.00

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2976619832573085?ref=newsfeed @intercult

2 July
Leading performanceworkshop at @husbykonst

3 July
Leading performanceworkshop at Pontonen, Liljeholmskajen

28 August-28 November
Groupexhibition SYMBIOSIS at @fargfabriken

3-5 September
Performing with POLYRIT at the festival SITE/Specific at @sitesweden

18 September, “Enter”, Järnvägsparken, Stockholm

2021- Resident på SITE, Farsta

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